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About Michael Lem

My photography career started at the age of 16, working in a photo lab processing film and printing images. Any free time I had I spent learning how to master the camera while honing my technique. By the age of 19 I had decided to move to Ottawa to further develop my professional skills.

I attended Algonquin college where I greatly increased my expertise in photography while continuing to study all aspects of the camera in my work at a local camera repair centre and photo lab. I completed my studies at the School of the Photographic Arts Ottawa, which provided deeper insight into the possibilities of a career behind the lens.

My experience as a photographer is vast and quite varied. My portfolio that ranges from Real Estate to commercial photography, from Portraiture to Weddings and even experimentation with Fine Art. I am confident in my abilities and eager to share my expertise with you in whatever capacity you require. Let us work together to ensure your photographic needs are well met through skill and professionalism.

Portrait of Quinn Brown

About Quinn Brown

What started as an interest in the digital process in high school quickly led to a career in multimedia content creation. I always had a passion for cinematography and the art of telling a story, and during high school was very intrigued with the emerging process of digital photography and post production workflows. I decided that photography was my best way into the art of storytelling.

I followed that passion for photography to Algonquin College where I graduated from the photography program in 2008. I continued to work on my craft after graduation, but quickly became immersed in the new world of DSLR video production. Blending what I had learned about lighting, composition, and post production, I jumped head first into the world of digital cinema. Building my knowledge over numerous productions and clients, I am now happy to work in a world where photography and videography go hand in hand to create a complete package of visuals for all my clients.

From still photography, to video production, to aerial cinematography, we bring a complete set of skills to tackle whatever media needs you require.

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