Video Walkthrough

We now offer video walkthroughs to further showcase your property. Quinn, our video producer, will be handling the production process of the video.


  • The video is cut and not a continuous shot
  • The video is 5 minutes or less with commentary from realtor or music or both

For more details or if you have additional video needs, request a consultation by filling out the form at the end of the page and we will get in touch with you shortly.

Portrait of Quinn Brown

About Quinn Brown

What started as an interest in the digital process in high school quickly led to a career in multimedia content creation. I always had a passion for cinematography and the art of telling a story, and during high school was very intrigued with the emerging process of digital photography and post production workflows. I decided that photography was my best way into the art of storytelling.

I followed that passion for photography to Algonquin College where I graduated from the photography program in 2008. I continued to work on my craft after graduation, but quickly became immersed in the new world of DSLR video production. Blending what I had learned about lighting, composition, and post production, I jumped head first into the world of digital cinema. Building my knowledge over numerous productions and clients, I am now happy to work in a world where photography and videography go hand in hand to create a complete package of visuals for all my clients.

From still photography, to video production, to aerial cinematography, we bring a complete set of skills to tackle whatever media needs you require.

Schedule a Video Walkthrough

Terms and Conditions

  • Tours should be scheduled at minimum 24 hours in advance.
  • Any cancellations made less than 24 hours prior to the appointment will be charged 50% of the booking price. Any last minute (5 hours or less) cancellations or reschedules will be charged in full.
  • We do not take responsibility for weather conditions.
  • Properties should be ready to be photographed when photographer arrives, and will be photographed “as is”
  • *Prices listed are for properties up to 3000 sq. ft.
  • Payment is due within 7 days of receipt of video. Late payments will be subject of a 2% per month late fee, 26.82 APR (Annual Percentage Rate).
  • We provide services to Ottawa and the surrounding area. If you feel the property is outside the standard service area, please contact us. While we would be happy to work with you beyond this area, service beyond holds an additional travel charge of $.60/km.

*Please make sure to enter the listing property address, by default browsers will enter your personal address, we would like to avoid showing up at your house and missing your appointment. Thank you.

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