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To all of our current and future clients,

While this truly is an unprecedented time, we at Prime Visuals understand that social distancing is a very important practice. When trying to list a house in this new reality, sellers are rightfully concerned about strangers walking through their house and potentially infecting their families. The iGuide Tour System is, by far, the best way to show a property without actually being physically inside the property. Our new technology may very well become the new normal, at least until this pandemic passes. Many of our clients have been asking if we are still working. The answer is yes. Please be aware that we have a new procedure that must be followed 100%, no exceptions.

  1. The house must be completely ready for the shoot (you can have a look at staging tips below). This means lights on, fans off, and everything as you would like it to look in the photos. Pets must also be crated and hidden or otherwise taken out of the property.
  2. When the photographer arrives, the sellers/tenants as well as the realtor, must vacate and leave the photographer to work alone (social distancing). Lock boxes are also an option.
  3. The photographer will not touch anything in the house, unless doors need to be opened. If, at any time, a surface is touched by mistake, everyone will be informed and advised to clean/disinfect the area immediately after the shoot. We will be wearing protective masks and gloves for the duration of the shoot.

Please respect these new rules as we are trying to keep everyone involved safe and healthy. We reserve the right to cancel the shoot at any time, if we feel unsafe.

Prime Visuals looks forward to providing you with a safe and easy way to show your listing virtually and keep everyone healthy and safe through social distancing.

Warmest regards,
Michael Lem  

What is iGuide?

The iGuide system, developed in Kitchener, Ontario, Canada, provides realtors and property owners with an innovative new way to showcase their properties to prospective clients. The iGuide is a mobile-friendly, cutting edge marketing tool that integrates 3D virtual tours, floor plans, video tours, high-res image galleries, Google maps and more, so that no detail of a property’s worth is overlooked. Integrated measuring tools and a features sheet creator save time and provide quickly accessible stats on the property without having to pull out a measuring tape. With iGuide, buyers and renters have the information they need immediately and readily available regardless the device being used. When you schedule an iGuide, you aren’t just booking a virtual tour, you are hiring a property support team focused on your listing and a professional Photographer in real estate, so you can focus on your business.
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Designed for…

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The iGuide system is the perfect marketing tool for realtors. It saves time and money by combining the most desirable marketing tools into one easy-to-use interface. By removing some of the legwork for the realtor, they can focus their attention on customer service and client expansion.



Homeowners who are looking to redecorate or showcase their home will find the iGuide greatly beneficial. The integrated measuring tool makes redesigns easier than ever before, as the homeowner can measure for things like drapes or new furniture without having to leave the comfort of the iGuide interface.

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Contractors can use this innovative system to provide a stunning representation of their skills to potential clients. They are able to do a room-by-room walkthrough, complete with integrated floor plans, to establish with potential clients the high standards of care and attention to detail that their work provides.

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Division Groups

For a large property owner or student housing provider, this system has the ability to clearly represent available space to prospective tenants. Out-of-town clients can use the detailed information provided by the iGuide to determine if the property meets their needs.

Key Highlights

  • Professionally trained in photography at both Algonquin College and The School Of the Photographic Arts Ottawa.
  • Over 15 years of photographic experience in all areas of the field including: lab technician, sales, assistant photographer, primary photographer, and specializing in Real Estate Photography.
  • Punctual and organized work ethic to ensure that clients have what they need when they need it.
  • Top quality professional photographic equipment that provide superior quality images.

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