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About Michael Lem

My photography career started at the age of 16, working in a photo lab processing film and printing images. Any free time I had I spent learning how to master the camera while honing my technique. By the age of 19 I had decided to move to Ottawa to further develop my professional skills.

I attended Algonquin college where I greatly increased my expertise in photography while continuing to study all aspects of the camera in my work at a local camera repair centre and photo lab. I completed my studies at the School of the Photographic Arts Ottawa, which provided deeper insight into the possibilities of a career behind the lens.

My experience as a photographer is vast and quite varied. My portfolio that ranges from Real Estate to commercial photography, from Portraiture to Weddings and even experimentation with Fine Art. I am confident in my abilities and eager to share my expertise with you in whatever capacity you require. Let us work together to ensure your photographic needs are well met through skill and professionalism.

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About Shannon Duncan

I was always infatuated with cameras. As a child, it boggled my mind how you could freeze a moment a time and keep it – in the form of film or print, and now for the last couple decades; digitally. In my final year of high school (when you’re supposed to be figuring out what to do with your life), a new Photography course was introduced. The art form peaked my interest even more as I discovered there was much more to just simply composing a subject in a frame and point and shoot.

I decided to expand my education further, and enrolled in the Photography program at Algonquin College where I had graduated in 2011.

Along with learning theory of lighting and editing techniques, I really began to find my own style, which over the years has lead me to photographing couples, weddings, portraits/headshots, and my own personal concept art.

After a decade of working in sales, I decided to make the jump into self employment in 2019 and pursue a career in what I loved.

I developed a passion for real estate and architecture while in college, and did some commissions for new home builders and real estate agents. When I saw that a former Henry’s colleague, Michael Lem, had started a Real Estate Photography business, I had to join him!

The technology is best in segment, and the people behind the lens are not only educated and skilled, but we genuinely care about the outcome of our work and are engaging with our clients.

Let us make an experience that is easy and enjoyable, while also providing solid work.

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