floor plan icon

Interactive Floor Plans

Instantly teleport to any room. Download plans in PDF format.
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Accurate Room Measurements

Measurements of major rooms provided. Take on-screen measurements.
panoramic videos icon

Panoramic Video

Interactive video tour. Sit and watch or call the shots.
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Direction to geographic north. Assess amount of sunlight.
360 views icon

Enhanced 360° Degree Views

Complete views of every room. Look up, down, and all around.
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Custom Image Gallery

Point and zoom in panoramas. Save custom screenshots.
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Photo Gallery

Vivid still pictures. Use for MLS and marketing.
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Neighbourhood Maps

Satellite views. Explore surrounding area.

The iGuide Interface

iGuide Speed of Capture

iGuide Listing Presentation

How We Work at Prime Visuals

Simply use our online order form located in this website. Book an appointment with us, choosing the desired date and time.
We will come to the property with the iGuide camera and a professional DSLR. The still gallery is shot with the professional DSLR both outside and inside the property.
The iGuide is shot room by room, taking into account every detail to ensure the property is thoroughly represented.
Data is processed same day and sent to our skilled drafters at Planitar.
Your iGuide report and high resolution image gallery are emailed to you via the iGuide report, you are ready to populate your real estate listing and share on social media.
An invoice is sent to you soon after, which can be paid online (via e-transfers and/or credit card) or send a cheque by mail.

You can view a sample of our iGuide Report and iGuide Analytics

Sample Report Sample Analytics

The Feature Sheet Creator

The Embedding Tool

Frequently Asked Questions

How far in advance will I need to make a booking?

We request a minimum of 24 hours notice to schedule new bookings.

How long does the process take?

For a standard home (anything under 3000 sq. ft.), the photographer will have completed the work necessary within an hour.

How long do I need to wait to receive my iGuide report?

End of the next business day is the maximum amount of time you will wait before receiving your report (excluding weekends). Still images can be sent to you via a Drop Box link prior to the report’s completion if necessary.

Does the realtor need to be present for the iGuide shoot?

If the seller is comfortable we are happy to shoot alone. All that is required is a way to access the property (ex. if the house is vacant you can provide the lockbox code).

Can changes be made to the iGuide after the initial shoot?

Yes, and there are a number of elements that can be changed, including the starting point, URL, Branding, Adding/removing images from the gallery, etc.

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